Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Visionics India Pvt Ltd celebrates 17th Anniversary

Visionics (India) Pvt. Ltd is celebrating 17th anniversary of its operations at Technopark (www.technopark.org), Trivandrum, Kerala, India. Technopark is one of the first IT hub in Asia and Visionics India is one of the first companies to start operations in Technopark. In our long journey, your support had been very much valuable and with immense pleasure, we would like to thank you for your support.

Visionics India Pvt. Ltd. is a member of Visionics Group of companies promoted by Norlinvest Ltd., Sweden. Visionics has the experience of developing EDA packages for more than 25 years. EDWinXP (PCB Designing and SPICE based software) is the main product of Visionics. The other products include DocOne, SIMWinXP, Macrosim etc. We also provide technical support and training to worldwide customers. We have our principal office at Stockholm, Sweden and development centres in Russia, Estonia, England, USA and Singapore. The company has been operating in Technopark, Trivandrum, India since 1995.

Research & Development, International Customer Support, Marketing & Sales for Asia-Pacific region etc. are carried out in this unit. EDWinXP (Electronic Design for Windows), which is a software package for SPICE and Printed Circuit Board Design. It is used by electronic professionals in the industry, R&D laboratories and universities all over the world. In our customer list we have companies like Volvo, Ericsson, Bofors, GE, FCC (Federal Communications Commission) - USA and Universities in Sweden, UK, USA, Malaysia, Columbia and several Engineering Colleges in Kerala and other states.

EDWinXP is an ECAD/ECAM package, used by Electronics Professionals in Electronics Industries and Engineering Colleges across the world. This package is an integrated, task-oriented module, covering all stages of design process – from capturing the idea of a circuit in the form of a Schematic diagram to generating full set of documentation for manufacturing and testing of PCBs.

EDWinXP has all the features of any similar EDA software package and will satisfy syllabus requirements of SPICE and PCB design, cost effectively.

Our Specialities – Why should you purchase EDWinXP when compared to similar EDA softwares
We offer a broad range of free services, such as knowledge transfer through tutorial, demos, forum, etc for ensuring our customers are equipped with the skills. Also we provide Free Library Creation Service for the registered customers. Effective communication is a key to any successful services, for this we are providing online technical support.

1.     Experience:
The experience Visionics has in EDA field is extensive and stretches for more than 28 yrs.
2.     Proprietary Item:
EDWinXP is the proprietary of Visionics India Pvt. Ltd. (Proprietary Certificate will be produced if required).
3.     Local presence in your territory:
We have been operating in Technopark, Trivandrum since 1995. Various distributors/ dealers are assigned to various geographical locations so that EDWinXP can be easily purchased from your locality.
4.     Highest price-performance ratio:
Our software packages has highest price-performance ratio when compared to other similar EDA software packages. For educational institution special discounts apply.
5.     Fully Integrated:
EDWinXP is a fully integrated software package. All the modules of EDWinXP are totally integrated and this is very useful and user-friendly for students. This feature is absent in most of other similar packages.
6.     Free Technical Support:
We provide free online Technical support for all registered users/ customers free of cost.
7.     Training Program:
Regular programs for training faculty members are provided free of charge at Technopark, Trivandrum. This applies to users purchasing site licenses.
8.     Default Library samples:
The package contains ample library of exercises and experiments conforming to current syllabus of the University.
9.     Free Library creation:
On request we provide library elements unavailable in standard part libraries, free of charge. Time for fulfillment of such a request may though vary, depending on complexity of the model.
10.  Full package for Educational users:
We supply full package for educational users.
11.  Manuals:
Sufficient number of manuals will be supplied.
12.  Upgrades at low price:
Our software is continuously improved and enhanced. Registered users may obtain newly released versions for amounts significantly lower than current market prices.

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