Monday, 12 August 2013

NEW!! EDWinNET 1.0 Release

Dear EDWinXP User,

ince 3 years, we have been working on the conversion and movement of EDWinXP to a new platform, .NET. Read more about the .Net platform. It has been a very large job.16 million lines of code has been overlooked and in many instances changed, which has caused most of our application to be changed internally. Our team in India and Estonia are doing a very good job. Now when we see the light in the tunnel, we hope that we can get a beta test team (beta test October -December) to find most of bugs until we have the final release, planned for December 2013. Are you interested in beta-testing EDWinNET ver 0.99, please write an email to Visionics India,

Our New Offers

As we used to, also this time we will have an offer, or rather two, for our existing customers, not using our latest version, EDWinXP 1.90, or not having a service and maintenance agreement.
 Customers with a valid service and maintenance contract will get the new version free.
 Our educational prices will also increase, in average 30%. Call your distributor for current pricing                                                                                                  .
 If you don’t use version EDWinXP 1.90, you can upgrade now and get version EDWinNET 1.0 free, when released.  
 If you use version EDWinXP 1.90, you can purchase a service and maintenancecontract, giving you 12 months of free upgrades and updates.
 Are you a new customer to us? All purchases from 15-8-2013 will give a free upgrade to EDWinNET 1.0, when released.
 With the new platform, we have secured that we can expand EDWinXP further and maintain compatability with new Windows system.

Prices for the latest version of EDWinNET 1.0 are as follows:


EDWinNET Professional$5,995$2,998
EDWinNET Deluxe$3,995$1,998
EDWinNET Standard$1,995$998

Small Business

EDWinNET Professional$3,995$1,998
EDWinNET Deluxe$1,995$998
EDWinNET Standard$995$498

Non Commercial

EDWinNET Professional$995$498
EDWinNET Deluxe$495$248
EDWinNET Standard$295$148