Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Parallel Routing in EDWinXP1.95 & EDWinNET 1.0 Standard

In EDWinXP 1.95, Parallel Routing is one of the enhanced feature in PCB Layout Editor. This will help to make PCB circuits easier than the other versions of EDWinXP. We have added the same feature in EDWinNET 1.0 Standard Version.
             This option can be selected from Auto menu in Layout Editor, select Parallel Routing option. It will enable the Parallel routing mode. Enable Connections – Route.Earlier for Parallel routing of traces depress the key combination Shift + E prior to selecting a starting pad of a traces set. This enables the mode for blocking several pins. Selecting the pins will enable parallel routing window where you can specify the routing space. Specify the spacing and click on Accept button.
           After arriving to final destination for the leading trace, it can be connected in normal fashion. When leading trace is connected, the next unconnected is taken as the leading and parallel routing continues until all in the bunch been connected or operation aborted by ESC. Read More