PCB Design Services


• Creation of schematic file (if it's not provided by the customer)
• Creation of library components
• Schematic verification
• Importing Schematic or Netlist into PCB Layout
• Routing the layout (automatic and/or manual)
• Comparing PCB Layout to existing Schematic
• Routing quality analysis (DRC, Connectivity check, Impedance control,
etc.), making necessary changes
• Creation of Gerber/Drill/DXF files for PCB manufacturing

Requirements for Quote & Design

• Electronic Net List (EDWIN, OrCAD or PADS)
• Schematic (Adobe PDF preferred)
• Board Outline Drawing
• Bill of Materials (Excel format preferred)
• Data Sheet for Parts with More Than 2 Pins
• Critical Component Locations (if applicable)
• Trace width, clearance, via size, ring size, etc
• Critical Routing Constraints (if applicable)
• Anticipated Number of Layers (if known)

• CAD Database - EDWIN file (.epb )
• Check Plots
• Fabrication Files
• Bill of materials (Excel compatible format)
• ODB++ Database file
• Other documents, if required

Value Proposition
• Reasonable prices
• Dedicated development Team for Component Library Development and Maintenance
• Customized Library Development for different customer
• Fast order fulfillment (2-7 days since all questions are settled)
• Working of both design engineers and software development team at the same office and their cooperation while working on your project
• Working with the customer until the successful results are achieved without overcharge