Thursday, 9 May 2013


Animatronics is mainly the combined usage of electronics and robotics which helps to create machines that seem to animate rather than robotic.In other words  it is a mechanised puppet that can be preprogrammed or remotely controlled.It is basically used in movie-making,museums,parks and provides other forms of entertainment.It is not a simulation of reality but are physical objects moving in front of the camera. Animatronics is basically used in situations where a creature does not exist or when the action to be done is too risky or costly to use real animals or actors.These physical objects are controlled by using either computer control or human control and the movements are obtained by using electric motors,hydraulic cylinders,cable mechanisms etc. Animatronics played a vital role in cinematic history before digital effects came into practice.The technology behind animatronics is becoming more advanced nowadays making the puppets loooking more realistic with the wide use of electronics.


PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board. It is a thin board made of fibre glass containing electrical wires which connects the central processor to the other components on the board.Printed Circiut boards in short are called as PC Boards as we use these boards in our personal computers.Other than personal computers there is a wide range of application for PCBs in radio,television,music players etc. PCBs provide mechanical as well as electrical support to the electronic components.If the board has only copper tracks and no circuit elements like resistors,capacitors,these PCBs are called are Printed Wiring Board(PWB).A PCB populated with electronic components are called as Printed Circuit Board Assembly(PCBA).