Thursday, 30 July 2015

EDWinXP 1.95 Features

The current version, EDWinXP 1.95 unveils a countless set of features with more flexible and enhanced editors, PCB Wizard,Enhanced 3D Viewer and Improved 3D IDF Viewer using Open GL and a new set of Libraries. The Editors comprise of Schematic Editor, Simulators – Mixed Mode Simulator and SPICE based simulator EDSpice, PCB Layout Editor – Create the PCB Layout, Fabrication Manager – generate Manufacturing output files for Photoplotter, NC Drill etc, Thermal Analyzer – check for hotspots on the board, Electromagnetic Analyzer (with Signal Integrity and Field analyzer) – check for electromagnetic effects on the board. 3D Viewers and Editors, VHDL Editor with facility of automatic project creation from VHDL source and Converters (CUPL, JEDEC, XILINX), Microcontroller Simulation using 8051,AVR,PIC,Motorola Microcontrollers, 3D Library Editor, Model Generators from VHDL for Mixed Mode and EDSpice Simulators with facility of automatic creation of model/ library along with other features. Apart from the major attraction, completely integrated design concept with Automatic Front and Back Annotation and 28,000 + Library Components and Library Editor for library component creation. EDWinXP supports Reverse Engineering – complete reconstruction of project database using full set of artworks in Gerber ASCII format or complicated PCB Outline. Other modules are VHDL/Truth Table to diagram converter, 3D IDF file viewer, Filter Designer, ODB++ export and import and much more.

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