Wednesday, 20 March 2013

PCB Design Workshop

Two days workshop on PCB Design and Fabrication

This workshop combines insightful lectures with practical lab exercises to reinforce key concepts.

Who Should Attend?

B.E / B.Tech (ECE, AEI,EIE,EEE,CSE,ME)/M.E/ M.Tech/ B.Sc Electronics/Diploma Electronics
  • Basic Electronics knowledge
Skills Gained
After completing this workshop, you will be able to:
  • Appreciate how a PCB is made and understand the variations in construction.
  • Evaluate the key aspects of a PCB design software.
  • Gain hands-on experience of different PCB routing and placement techniques.
  • Establish the important requirements of PCB manufacture.
1. Introduction to PCB Design
  • Introduction to EDA
  • What is PCB, brief history
  • Trends in PCB Designing
  • Understanding the PCB Design Flow
2. Concept of PCB Designing
  • PCB Layers
  • PADSTACK/Package/Vias/Tracks
  • Multilayer concept
  • PCB Materials
  • Board construction
3. Schematic Editor
  • Design software
  • Understanding the Schematic Editor
  • Drawing a Schematic
4. PCB Parts Creation
  • Component creation technology
  • Creating library & components
  • Understanding Units
  • Part Creation
  • Package Creation
5. Starting PCB Design
  • PCB and standards
  • Defining Rules
  • BOM Generation
  • Part Creation
  • Setting up environment for PCB
  • Design a Board
  • Layout designing & general design rules
  • Multilayered PCB design consideration
  • PCB component placement techniques
6. Routing Techniques
  • PCB routing techniques - Manual and Automatic
  • Introduction of Autorouting
  • Setting up rules
  • Defining Constraint
  • Autorouter Setup
7. Board analysis
  • Electromagnetic Analysis
  • Parameter setup and running the analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Parameter setup and running the analysis
8. Post Design
  • Post processing techniques
  • Generating post processing output using EDA/li>
  • PCB manufacturing overview
  • Gerber Generation
  • NC Drill/Assembly Drawing
  • IPC Standards
All above listed topics will be covered using the EDA software EDWinXP
2 days – 4 Sessions, 2 Theory sessions and 2 Practical sessions
Registration Details
Charges for the workshop are Rs 500/- per student. The number of seats is limited to 40.
Free Kit for Students contains
  • Participation Certificate
  • EDWinXP Evaluation CD
  • Notepad
  • Pen

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