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University Partner Programs

University Partner Programs :
To expand into the EDA area, Visionics is looking for Universities/Engineering Colleges/ Polytechnics to be our Partners for conducting Partner Programs, research activities, training courses etc. based upon our PCB Designing and SPICE simulation software EDWinXP. EDWinXP’s SPICE simulation section is based upon SPICE3F5 of University of Berkeley and XSPICE of Georgia Tech. It also supports Microcontroller (8051, AVR, PIC and Motorola) and VHDL simulators.
As the part of University Partner Programme, we offer the following to the partner colleges
1. Seminars

  • • SPICE Simulation
  • • High Speed PCB Design
  • • PCB Design and Fabrication
  • • Microcontroller and Embedded Systems
  • • VHDL and VLSI design
2. Workshops

  • • SPICE Simulation
  • • PCB Design and Fabrication
  • • Microcontroller and Embedded Systems using 8051 and PIC Microcontrollers
3. Projects

  • • Assistance of Mini and Major Projects
  • • Design assistance of PCB of projects to students
  • • Classes will be provided to students related to projects.
4. Project Design Contest
5. Industrial Training
6. Implant Training
7. Internship for B.Tech and M. Tech students.
8. Industrial Visit
9. Certified Courses in :

  • • VLSI with VHDL
  • • Embedded System with Microcontrollers
  • • SPICE and Simulation
  • • PCB Design
  • • PCB Manufacturing
Note : Detailed syllabus of all Seminars, Workshops and Training Courses will be provided.
The colleges which take part in the partnership programme are entitled to obtain any of the Suite as per the agreement and fees remitted
Bundle 1 EDWinXP Educational PCB Suite 20
Bundle 2 EDWinXP Educational SPICE Simulation Suite 20
Bundle 3 EDWinXP Educational PCB and SPICE Simulation Suite 20
Bundle 4 EDWinXP Educational Embedded Suite 20
Bundle 5 EDWinXP Educational Full Suite 20
The Colleges are required to remitting a small amount of fees yearly or biyearly to renew their license. You will be receiving all the above services in the fixed period for which you are entitled to.

Company Profile

Visionics (www.visionics.a.se) is the developers of the famous EDA/ECAD Software EDWinXP. Visionics started its first CAD program CAD ABC, in 1983. Over the years, Visionics introduced new EDA packages - CAD 1000, CompCAD, the EE Designer series and EDWin. The current software product from Visionics is EDWinXP.
Visionics has the experience of developing EDA packages for more than 27 years. EDWinXP is the main product of Visionics. It is used by electronic professionals in the industry, R&D laboratories and universities all over the world. In our customer list we have companies like Volvo, Ericsson, Bofors, GE, FCC (Federal Communications Commission) - USA and Universities in Sweden, UK, USA, Malaysia, Columbia and several Engineering colleges in India.

About the Product

EDWinXP (Electronic Design for Windows) is a CAD/CAE software package of seamlessly integrated, task oriented modules covering all stages of the electronic circuit design process - from capturing the idea of a circuit in the form of a schematics diagram to generating of a full set of documentation for manufacturing and assembling of PCBs. Additionally the package includes various validation tools ensuring correctness and integrity of designed circuits. A design engineer can use the computerized tools provided in EDWinXP to create an electronic circuit, design the PCB and fabricate PCB. Complete design information is stored in the integrated project database, simultaneously accessible by Schematic Diagram Editor, PCB Layout Editor, Fabrication Output Manager and Simulators. Front and back annotation of all design changes is fully automatic. EDWinXP comes with extensive part library, which may be updated, customized and enhanced with the help of Library Editor. It also has SPICE simulator - EDSpice and Microcontroller (8051, AVR, PIC and Motorola) and VHDL simulators.

Contact Details

Visionics India Pvt. Ltd.,
Ga Norrtaljev 97
182 47 Enebyberg.
Tel : +46 8 792 2620
Fax: +46 8 758 7869
Website: www.visionics.a.se
Email: info@visionics.a.se

India Office:

Visionics India Pvt. Ltd.,
Trivandrum - 695 581.
Kerala. Tel : +91 471 2700673.
E-mail: viplasia@visionicsasia.net , support@visionics.a.se , training@visionics.a.se
Website: www.visionics.a.se

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